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Human compassion and empathy are something that connects us to each other, and without those characteristics, life in isolation would be equally appealing and perfectly acceptable. But, humans have been living in groups ever since we came down from the trees and started walking on two legs, and our survival instincts were the main reason why we were staying together. Fundamental laws of statistic say that you have fewer chances of being eaten by a lion if you are living with ten or more other people, and other similar premises were highly influential in the early days of the human development. Nowadays, things have changed, and luckily for the vast majority of the global population, wild animals are not the greatest threat to our survival. Other dangers and problems are threatening our existence, and all sorts of illnesses and health problems are the ones that make us incapable of taking care of ourselves.

Here is where nursing steps onto the scene, and “Blue Bell Nurses” is just one of many organizations that offer their services to people who are in need of assistance. And there are a lot of those people, in every corner of the globe. The Central Park neighborhood, the savannah or the West Coast – elderly people and those who are going through some medical condition are in need of help, and nurses are there to provide them with everything they may need.

From the ancient times, nurses were healing wounded soldiers and children, and traces of this profession can be found in the classic Greece culture or the Roman Empire. The nurses that were using herbal remedies and natural medicaments, such as honey, clean water or milk, were the only hope of survival for soldiers who were left lying on a battlefield. Over time, the “tools and equipment” that nurses were using went through some evolutionary changes, and the progress brought more efficient methods of nursing.

Small children, adults or senior citizens can all be in need of medical assistance, and nurses are usually the first option that families will think of. Nursing homes and similar facilities are also a common solution for senior citizens who are unable to take care of themselves, and once they are accepted in such an institution – their lives will take a sharp turn for the better. Nurses can provide them with all sorts of medical care, and the quality of life and the overall satisfaction can improve considerably if the nurses are doing their job in a professional and compassionate manner.

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